Busy Bee (Grade R)
60-72 month old
24 class size

In our class, each individual is loved for BEEing who he/she is. Just like a bee hive has six corners and a bee has six legs, we aim for these six aspects:


*H* Honesty: By BEEing an honest person, we create respect
*O* Open: To BEE open about your feelings, opening the door for new friends, new learning opportunities and a new learning environment, we discover ourselves and our friends.
*N* Next: We continue learning something new every day.
*E* Everything: We always give our best. A bee never gives up.
*Y* Yay! We put the fun into the learning process and enjoy what each day has to offer.
*B* BEEyou: Here, you are welcome just as you are. We grow together.

Are you ready for the adventure? Spread your wings, let’s make some honey!

Questions & Answers

2 Sets of clean clothes in a plastic bag (so that the clothes does not get wet by accident)

2 bottles (One with water and the other can be cold drink/juice)

Afternoon snack (Preferably something healthy)

Sunhat and sunscreen if required

Extra plastic bag for dirty clothes

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