18-24 month old
12 class size

In the Bambi class we let them be little, we fill their hearts with laughter and help them grow wings. We awaken a sense of curiosity in them and provide an environment where they can safely explore all the world has to offer. Play is serious work in the Bambi class. We learn using our whole bodies, we jump and slide, get messy as we touch and feel but most of all we learn to share and love one another. We activate their natural desire to learn and create a life long love for learning.

Questions & Answers

Bedding (Pillow and blanket for the cot)

Two sets of clean clothes

6 Diapers daily

Bum cream and any other ointments that may be needed


Sun hat

Water, juice and or tea. If your child still drinks milk please provide enough for the day

Snack for the afternoon